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lots stainless steel fishing hooks

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The draws incredibly squint in the water to draw in the fish

Great fishing frill for fishing darlings

Made of premium material, the draws are strong and sturdy, the shading is brilliant and colorfast

The snare is incredibly sharp and spiked, solid and rugged

The connector is adaptable and intense, strong for long time use.

Made of high-carbon steel, safe, harmless to the ecosystem and solid, protected to utilize, sharp tip, high fishing rate

Sharp snare tips Each snare tip has been tried ordinarily to guarantee the sharpness of the snare, which can accomplish the impacts of fast entrance speed and profound infiltration length.

The snare handle is planned by mechanical standards, which can shield the wire from erosion on the snare surface, enormously lessen the chance of wire breakage, and has solid security.

Without expanding the straight line of the snare pole and the heaviness of the snare body, the longitudinal pulling power of the snare is applied generally.

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