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Rubeak™ Portable Fishing Line Counter


Color: Black

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The Best Fishing Line Counter: Our fishing line counter owns simple operation, accurate counting, complete functions and full humanization, lighter weight, flexible operation, very firm locking.


Throwing distance or measuring the length of the fish from the place after the fish is placed, which is convenient for measuring the accurate position of the fish. It is a very user-friendly fish finderdepth gauge tackle tool!



Fixed Features: Fishing line counter has double-layer clamping (after clamping and fixing, the screw knob can be adjusted to strengthen)

The Diameter Range & Metering Range of Fishing Line Counter: The clamp fixed fishing rod is 7mm-3.2cm (gripper radius is larger). metering range is 0-99.9 meters.




Warm Reminder:In the state of natural drooping, the counterweight adopts 10g as the measurement standard, and the fishing line counter retraction and retraction value is almost the same, there is a little error in the fishing line count below 10g, the above is more accurate! (For reference only)


Product parameters:


How to use:



With rod effect:


Name: Fishing line meter counter
Size: 6.7cm*5cm*2.5cm
Weight: about 60g
Battery model: LR1130
Standard voltage: 1.55V
Termination voltage: 0.9V,
Storage temperature: -10℃-+45℃
Working temperature: -10℃-+60℃
Rated capacity: 65 (mAh)